Guitar SponsorShip Program

When I was 12 years old I decided that I wanted to play guitar. Within two weeks, my parents had purchased an instrument and set up lessons. I want this same opportunity for young people in my community. The program is simple; I will provide a quality guitar or bass to a motivated individual for the duration that they are taking lessons with me (lessons not subsidized). Should this individual continue to take lessons for 9 months, they will then gain ownership of this instrument and accessories. This is important because it allows students to essentially earn their instruments through dedication while allowing parents to support their children's interests without having to make the initial investment of a beginner instrument package. The sooner someone starts, the more opportunities and options they will have through music as an adult. Many young players use their musical abilities to be competitive when applying to college as well as gain work experience through playing gigs. This program is different because it is 100% funded by me and focuses on private instruction which is essential in actualizing ones potential.